Your Speedtest results should be 70-100 % of your subscribed throughput in our fiber network and at least 40 % in our copper network (ADSL). You should always test with a device connected by an Ethernet cable to the modem. When using the connection through WLAN there are several things affecting signal strength and speed, for example distance and obstacles between your device and modem, WLAN drivers of your device and possibly even other electrical devices. Be sure to compare results using the same unit (kbps vs. Mbps).

Latency test measures the delay in the connection, or how soon something will start happening after a click of a button (sometimes called ping time). This, among other things, affects how fast a video will start playing and how quickly a video stream will recover from a transmission error. Latency also gives an indication of how stable the connection is. It can also have a great impact on online gaming, especially in games where you are supposed to react quickly to events in the game.